Young carers

Give you information about the illness or disability of the person you care for. Each local council will have their own charging policy for this. Thinking about how individuals are getting on and then altering their own behaviour to counteract changes an Interpreting role.

There are Support Workers you can talk to if you have any worries. Transition to adulthood When young carers and disabled children are approaching 18 there are different provisions in place. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use.

Our vision is to support, serve and strengthen young carers. Select Page Are you a young carer.

Financial support for young carers

You may be the main carer or you could be helping someone else care. The Government has said it will preserve the right to an assessments for this group of carers by not repealing the relevant parts of the Carers Recognition and Services Act Young carers often spend their time doing things that the person they care for would normally do such as: Other types of support for young carers.

All the things young people normally do. For more information please visit the Scottish Government website. We also run workshops to equip them with different skills.

Carers Corner

Whatever information you need, we can help you find it. Shopping, cooking and housework. These benefits are means-tested, so whether or not you qualify will depend on your income and savings.

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This won't stop you from being able to access supports. If there is an adult being looked after, then the local council has a duty to consider whether there are any children involved in providing care, and if so, what the impact is on that child.

In fact Scottish Young Carers Alliance figures estimate the number of young carers in Scotland is 44, Lots of young carers feel good about what they do, but it can be tough too.

Young Carers Service

Support in Schools Young carers often tell the support workers how difficult school can be. We will talk to you about your situation and find out more information and see how we may best be able to support you. Contact Carers Oxfordshire by: You can speak to a Carers Direct helpline adviser on if you would like help with finding local support.

You can use PowerShow. Young carers should not have to do so much caring that it makes them upset, unwell or miss school.

We can put you in touch with local activities for young people that you could join. Eastleigh Young Carers Project offers flexible support for any young person 8 years old within the Eastleigh Borough whose life is significantly affected by caring for a family member, like a parent or a sibling, who has an illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse problem.

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Dorset Young Carers Service; Young carers are children or young people aged between 5 and 18 who provide significant, regular or ongoing care and emotional support to a family member who is mentally ill, physically ill or disabled.

Many young people don't recognise themselves as carers. Who is a young carer? A young carer is a child/ young person under the age of 18 who looks after a brother, sister, parent or grandparent who may be disabled, ill.

Hackney Young Carers Project service supports young carers aged 8 - We raise awareness, identify and provide direct support to children and young people who look after or help to look after someone in their family who is unwell or disabled, including children caring for parents who have mental health or substance misuse problems.

There are an estimated million carers in the UK, and of these overare Young Carers aged 0 according to the census.

Increasingly a caring role is being taken by children as young. Wigan & Leigh Young Carers is a Charity organisation whose purpose is to alleviate the stress placed on young people and their families, whose lives are significantly affected by the impact of caring for a parent, child or relative.

The Charity ensures that we adopt a whole family approach.

Young carers
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